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Temporary Employees:

ATA Staffing specializes in the placement of temporary employees in the industrial, medical device and other manufacturing environments. Our extensive employee database, along with our skill testing and employee evaluations, allow for a high success rate in matching our employees to client assignments. These assignments may last from one day to extended periods.

Temporary to Hire Placement:

A service that many clients find useful is the use of ATA Staffing's Temporary to Hire Placement Program. Under this program ATA Staffing will find a qualified candidate to match the client's job description. The employee then works a specified period of time for the client. During this time the client evaluates the person before converting the employee to the client's payroll. During the evaluation period, ATA Staffing pays the employee and bills the client.


ATA Staffing conducts local and national searches for its clients with payment contingent upon completion of a successful search for a candidate.


With this service the client selects a potential employee and contacts ATA Staffing. ATA Staffing will have the employee complete an application and work at the client's location as an ATA Staffing employee. This service allows clients to review an employee's work habits, attendance and skills before making the commitment of hiring the employee.  When the employer is convinced that the employee meets their expectations, the client can convert the employee to their payroll.

On-Site Management:

Clients with extensive needs for temporary employees may find that utilizing our On-Site Management Program is the most cost-effective means of accomplishing their goals. We work with our clients in developing programs customized to their particular needs. ATA Staffing places at least one member of its staff at the client's location to carry out the program. By continual review, we can revise the program to meet changing needs.

Drug Screening:

Prior to an employee being placed with a client, ATA Staffing has the resources to conduct drug screening in accordance with your company's written drug policy. This service can be combined with any of the other services offered by ATA Staffing.

Criminal Background Checks:

To make the employment process complete, many employers are using the cost-effective service of a criminal background check. ATA Staffing can help you complete this process through our resources.

Personal Credit Checks:

ATA Staffing can help you in completing the employment process by conducting a personal credit check of your potential hire. This review will help clients in their final evaluation of an employee.













































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